Cult Classics — Videodrome

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Alex Miller, Film, Reviews, Trailers
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[Author: Alex Miller]

“Television is reality, and reality is less than television.”

Here is the beginning of a series where we’ll review cult classic films worth a look. This is a modernized fan-made trailer but I actually think it’s more representative of the film than the real trailer from the time. Click the jump for our review!

Videodrome is definitely not for everybody. Released with little success in 1982, Videodrome is about an owner of a sleazy tv channel looking for some new material. He finds a show called “Videodrome,” a violent pornographic show where the person in it gets killed, after being tortured. But it’s all fake right? Wrong. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I’m sure even some of you reading this are who have seen the film are saying “Videodrome?! Really?! Are you TRYING to give me those nightmares again?!” I hate to use the clichĂ© “You either love it or you hate it,” but I think it applies here. If you think this movie is too weird for you that probably just means you are normal. Me on the other hand I loved it. Not because it’s violent or any of that nonsense. I loved it because no one else makes movies like this. They just don’t. I loved it, with all it’s flaws, because it’s different and original.

When I think of director David Cronenberg I don’t think of “The Fly”, “Scanners’, or “A History of Violence”, I think of this movie. It’s crazy, abstract, and he literally made it up as he went along. They had no ending until the day they shot it. That’s what makes this film incredible. It breaks all the rules, it’s rough around the edges, it’s sometimes sloppy, and you’ll never forget it. One thing is for sure you won’t ever think of Canadians the same way again.

Videodrome has hit serious cult status and was given even more street cred with film buffs when the Critierion Collection bought the rights. It made for one of the coolest Criterion Collection covers of all time.

Cinephiles, Horror fans, and especially fans of Cronenberg’s other films be sure to check this one out. Everyone else go rent “The Notebook” again and pretend you never read this.


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