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Posted: July 8, 2010 in Alex Miller, Film, Top5
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[Author: Alex Miller]

So your girlfriend has…well let’s just call it “girly”…taste in movies. Everytime you try to watch a good movie she gets bored. Everytime you watch one of her movies you want to kill yourself with a dull butter knife. WHAT TO DO?! Don’t worry! Dorkosphere has the hookup with a short look at 5 movies both of you should love! (We’ll save the scary date movies for another time)

An Officer and a gentleman

5. An Officer and a Gentleman

Ok so maybe I have some bias on this one since I AM an Officer (and pretty good at faking the whole gentleman thing). But this movie is actually not too bad. In the same vein as say “Top Gun”, this one involves a love story between a Navy guy and a girl. Although, this one follows his journey through OCS (Officer Commissioning School, similar to Boot Camp) instead of “Top Gun School”. It’s reminds me of a more PG version of “Full Metal Jacket” because you have the whole Drill Sergeant aspect. In any case, there’s just enough cool military stuff to keep you entertained, and just enough sappy romance to keep her wanting more.

Groundhog day

4. Groundhog Day
If she doesn’t like this movie you should probably just dump her dumbass anyway. This is Bill Murray at the top of his game. It’s almost like the script was written specifically for him. I heard somewhere that they tried to get Tom Hanks for the role. I’m a fan of his as well but that wouldn’t have been the same. Andie McDowell plays the girl that’s just all too easy to fall for. The jokes along the way, as well as the romance, should keep the girl entertained enough. If she ends up liking it a lot you may have a keeper.

Wedding Singer

3. The Wedding Singer
Let’s be honest. Dates are not the time to be watching that Swedish film from the Criterion Collection you’ve been wanting to checkout (unless she’s the kind that’s impressed by that). Especially at the beginning you want to watch something easy, funny, romantic and hopefully not mind-numbingly stupid. “The Wedding Singer” is Adam Sandler’s best movie. “I like Adam Sandler!” I can hear her saying already (of course she does). This one is actually good though! What’s not funny about an angry depressed guy singing at people’s weddings? The romance is also surprisingly believable. The half happy/half sad song is a classic in my book. This one makes for a great date night.

princess bride

2. The Princess Bride
She’s never seen it? Inconceivable!! Of course she’s seen it. Just about every girl loves this movie. She’ll probably get excited and nostalgic at the prospect of watching it. And what’s more manly than knights rescuing hott chicks from castles? It’s got memorable characters, quotable quotes, and plenty of romance to go around. Plus a cameo from the Wonder Years kid. What else can you ask for? Go dig this one out of the $5 bin at Wal-Mart and have an awesome time.

500 Days of Summer

1. 500 Days of Summer
Some girls don’t like to watch “old” movies. *sigh* Well here is a newer romantic comedy that you’ll probably enjoy even more than she will. This movie tells it like it is. Girls are just as fickle and unwilling to settle down as we are. They’re just better at hiding it. Zooey Deschanel is irresistable and your girll will probably feel the same way about Joseph Gordon Levitt. I can honestly say this movie touched me because I could completely and totally relate to it. Even if you can’t, there’s plenty of dating humour to go around. At heart this movie is about unreasonable expectations regarding love. Personally, I expect you to have a great time watching this one so enjoy!


  1. threelilly says:

    great list! I looove 500 days of summer, and I just watched ‘GroundHog Day’ yesterday, very funny and mind opener.

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