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Posted: July 20, 2010 in Danny Moltrasi, Film, Reviews
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[Author: Danny Moltrasi]

Lee Unkrich, 2010 / “You got a friend in me.”

Toy Story 3 is the latest film to be produced by the masters at Pixar Studios, and although Toy Story 3 s not up to the standards of their previous works such as Up and Wall:E, it still maintains the high standards that has come to be expected for them. It is funny, sad, and an amazing effort that deals with mature themes while keeping them extremely family friendly. To start with, the short film, Day and Night, is a cute adventure that tells of two animated drawings that reasonable ghost-like characters on a black background, with one showing day-time images in its profile, and the other showing night. They go around showing the contrasting images, and the everyday sounds of each setting providing a humours soundtrack (for example, in Las Vegas). This simple use of sound and basic image gives these two simple images personality, and is in my opinion the best of Pixars short films.

Toy Story 3 kicks off in colourful fashion, with all the bright colours and perfect animation getting straight to work, as we look back on Andy playing with Woody, Buzz and Co. We are then informed of how Andy is going to college, and the toys are missing being played with. Andy decides to take only Woody to college with him, and leave the rest to live in the attic, however after a mishap, they all end up getting taken to Sunnyside Daycare centre, where all is not what it seems. Lots-O-Hugging Bear, who comes across as a friendly, caring, huggable bear, in fact runs the place in dictatorial fashion, with the help of a toy octopus, Ken and a bunch of other toys. Woody, who insists that Andy still loves them all, attempts to return home, but gets found by a small girl called Bonnie. The rest of the gang, who see Sunnyside as the perfect place to be, end up getting put with the youngest group of kids, and ultimately get abused and tortured by the children. After Lots-O refuses to get them transferred to the older children, Woody returns to help them all escape.

The adventure is an extremely sad story of being lost and feeling unloved. Andy and the toys still love each other, but as happens in life, they just grow apart. The conclusion of the film is one of the most emotional scenes that Pixar have done, ranking up there with the opening ten minutes of Up. It deals with such a grown up issue, while remaining completely in touch with the children demographic. It remains funny, and fairly upbeat for younger audiences, enjoying the adventure of them trying to escape Sunnyside, while also, as Pixar do, making sure that adults also have something to watch, and usually cry about.

Some of the funniest moments come from the Ken and Barbie relationship. Ken, is just as you would expect him to be, up-himself, obsessed with clothes, and a perfect match for Barbie. However, he battles to prove his manliness to the other toys, normally failing. Then during the escape, another of Toy Storys more humours moments comes from Mr. Potato Head. He is required to place his body parts into a tortilla wrap, and watching him wave around had everyone in the cinema cracking up.

Although Toy Story 3 is another Pixar special, its not always up to its very, very high standards. We might not exactly be in Oscar season yet, but do not be surprised if Toy Story 3 is among the ten films that are up for Best Picture nominations this year now that it has expanded its size. It has all the magic of previous Pixar films, and it concludes the three Toy Story films up nicely, bringing the toys life cycles to a nice and emotional ending. Its only draw back is that compared to Up, it does not have the same magical feel. It is a must though in the summer season, and brings Toy Story to, arguably, the best conclusion it could.


  1. CMrok93 says:

    Even the hardest of hearts will have melted by the time the credits have came up. Perfect film, for anybody who grew up watching these toys over the years. Great review, check out mine when you can!

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