Trailer of the Day — Catfish

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Alex Miller, Film, Trailers
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[YouTube=”″ &w=640&h=385]

Trailer Review:
[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

UPDATE: Full Movie Review

I give the first half of this trailer a 0, and the second half a 5. Somehow that averages out into a 4, don’t ask me how. What is this movie about?! I mean, I know it’s probably something lame and stupid, but still this marketing is genius. This movie looks horrible, yet, I really want to know what happens. I mean is this chick actually dead? Is it all a big practical joke? Is this all staged? I’d bet money on it. I find it hard to believe that something genuinely bizarre (whatever it is) just “happened” to happen while they were shooting a lame documentary about finding a chick on Facebook. Movies about online-dating are nothing new. They at least go as far back as 1998 with AOL’s feature-length commercial “You’ve Got Mail”, if not further. This looks more like “The Social Network” mixed with “The Blair Witch Project”. I also don’t like this apparent trend of amateurish looking movies that pretend to be documentaries. In any case, their marketing stunt worked. I’m (cautiously) interested, but my gut tells me it’s gonna suck. Still an interesting trailer, regardless.

  1. Danny Moltrasi says:

    It got some love at Sundance, and just like you said, I am interested. I imagine it’ll get a limited release, barring some awesome marketing that rides off the Paranormal Activity wave (if there is still a wave going around), or even off the back of The Social Network, with the facebook link.

    Who knows, seeing as it seems to be solely based on a huge twist, I’d rather just forget it ever existed until there is a release at my cinema.

    P.S – All the links I’ve read on the net are certain that it has to remain spoiler-free, and that its worth the wait…

  2. Kavad Hummels says:

    Watch it. I saw it last night and it was great. The ending is nothing like you have predicted in your write-up. For anyone who engages in social networking, this movie should appeal to you.

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