Film Events — 3 Film Festivals in Manhattan

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Film, Martin Keller, News
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[Posted by: Martin Keller]

Just a heads up to readers in the NYC metropolitan area: there are multiple festivals showing at Symphony Space on the upper west side.  For those unfamiliar with Symphony Space, it hosts artistic events in the music, literature, dance, theater and film fields.  Their programs cater to all kinds of people, be you high art connoisseur or layman there is something for you.  Also they run programs designed for the whole family including flicks that are youth appropriate, kid-oriented bands and conversations with authors of children’s literature.  I highly recommend this place to everyone.
Now for all you cinephiles out there, here’s the rub, Symphony Space is hosting three festivals right now: a Jacques Tati Festival, A Hitchcock festival, and a summer blockbuster festival.  The Jacques Tati festival features the French comic as the perennial M. Hulot in M. Hulot’s Holiday, Trafic, and Playtime.  I recommend any and all of these.  If you’re new to Hulot, fear not, none of these films will steer you wrong.  Each film features the haphazard causing nothing but trouble for everyone around him.  The Hitchcock festival has many more films and features some expected classics like Rear Window, The Birds and Vertigo and a few usually overlooked films, Topaz, The Trouble With Harry and Frenzy.  This will also be the first time that any of Tati’s or Hitchcock’s films can be seen in Hi-Def. The third festival is a summer blockbuster festival featuring three, well, summer blockbusters from the last three decades, The Karate Kid (1984), The Princess Bride, and Edward Scissorhands.  For many this will be their first chance to see any of these films on the big screen, so don’t take this opportunity for granted. 

All three festivals run through the end of August and you can find ticket info, address, and specific dates at the Symphony Space Website.



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