Alex Miller
Founder, Webmaster, Contributor

A little about me, I’m 25 and an Air Force Lt. I have no formal training in either writing or film.  I did, however, win the 2003 Apple iMovie Film Festival at Appalachian State University where I majored in Business Management. I own several hundred movies and have seen many more. I have also written movie reviews since high school.

My intent with this page is to just have fun.  I enjoy watching films and being the analytical person that I am I like to write about them.  I will post film reviews of all types of movies, new and old, mainstream and lesser known. I will also post links to film news stories I find interesting.  For news, I will cite news sources and offer my opinion.

The difference between this site and others is that we do not post ALL movie stories or review movies just for the sake of reviewing them. We only blog about stories/movies we are truly interested in. Because of that I think you will find a higher percentage of our posts interesting and not just filler. I hope you enjoy!


Eric Raymer

Eric Raymer has been a horror fan since grade school, when (much to the chagrin of his parents) he’d watch the afternoon Creature Feature and Nightmare Theater movies every Saturday after cartoons were over. Against everyone’s expectations, he failed to develop any mental or social disorders as a result of this, and still enjoys horror films alongside other genres. He’s cycled through a series of careers including pizza delivery driver, juggler, and high school teacher, and is currently a graduate student in physics at NC State University.

Danny Moltrasi

Danny Moltrasi is 20-year-old History and Film Studies student, entering his final year at Hull University in England. In his spare time he enjoys playing Football (Soccer) and Cricket. Favourite films of his include The Good, the Bad and The Ugly, Fight Club, Badlands, The Bicycle Thievesand Annie Hall among others. His interest in film theory originated with Media Studies in Sixth Form. Danny also the most formal training in film studies, so he will be keeping us all honest, while sharing his insight regarding various films, trailers, and filmmakers.

Justin Wagner

Although he is the youngest member of Dorkosphere, you wouldn’t know it from his writing. A senior in high school, Justin Wagner, currently lives in Mississippi, but plans on doing a lot of traveling after he graduates. He started digging deeper into cinema by exploring his local Blockbuster back in mid 2007 and would constantly rent movies after school. Netflix would enter his life two years later allowing him to dig even deeper after he had already rented everything worth watching at all of the local Blockbusters. Though he loves film, Justin’s first passion was music and he plays in a band named Gravity Cars. In addition, he creates music himself under the name Voices of Old People. Besides music and film, Justin enjoys classic video games and hanging out with friends.

Martin Keller

Martin Keller is a cinema lover from the New York City area. Having studied literature and writing in college, he hopes to put his skills and knowledge to use in the cinematic arena. Although he has no formal film education or occupational experience, he brings to the site a never-ending love for the medium that can’t be slaked and an eagerness to learn as much as possible. This may give him an outlet to clear is brimming Netflix queue and watch some of the movies he’s bought but still has yet to watch. He’s also excited to collaborate on a project with other film lovers, and hopes that together they can promote the medium to non-believers. You can read some of his other writing by going to his blog.

Sydney Freeman

Sydney Freeman is a 19 year old movie lover living in Orlando, Florida. Sydney is currently a freshman enrolled at Valencia Community College for film. Sydney’s love of film originates from him getting a Netflix account several years back. Favorite movies include Taxi Driver, Memento, Pulp Fiction and Rushmore. Sydney’s other hobbies include photography and playing videogames. If he’s not spending the entire day on his couch watching movies, he’s usually working on his screenplay. A sequel to 1987’s Jaws: The Revenge entitled Jaws 5: Return to Space. Although people call him insane for writing it, he’s been quoted as saying “It’s my masterpiece and it’s exactly what Hollywood needs right now.”

Mary Trishman

Mary Trishman is a 25-year-old who has stupidly decided to enroll in a Masters program while working full time at a science museum. In the little spare time that this affords, she plays on the company softball team (a.k.a. wears the jersey and drinks beer while other people play), and explores Philadelphia while trying to avoid the tourists. Mary grew up in Northeastern PA watching too much television and movies due to the lack of other childhood activities available. After attending Temple University for Broadcasting and Political Science, Mary fell in love with Philadelphia and still lives there, enjoying the multitude of arts and cultural opportunities. As seen in this picture, Mary also likes to take advantage of the various nerd-friendly events that occur at her place of employment. Mary recently enrolled in the wonder that is Netflix and is excited to take part in the creative outlet that Dorkosphere provides.