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[Reviewed by: Danny Moltrasi]

“Gentlemen may talk of the age of chivalry, but remember the ploughmen, poachers and pickpockets whom they lead. It is with these sad instruments that your great warriors and kings have been doing their murderous work in the world.”

Barry Lyndon was the 10th feature-length film of Stanley Kubrick, released in 1975 and the most immediately successful film of his in the awards world. It could have been just a simple tale of the rise and fall of a young Irish man who becomes part of the English nobility, and falls out of it. But, in the hands of cinema legend Kubrick, it is otherworldly. It gives us mixes of emotion, some of the best cinematography you’ll ever see, and a story so detailed and interesting, that even at three hours long, it’ll speed past you. (more…)