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[Posted by: Martin Keller]

Over at they have posted two commercials (here is the 2nd) for Norton Antivirus software featuring Dolph Lundgren and a CG unicorn. They follow on the heels of Lundgren’s recent appearance in the all-star cast of The Expendables. While I usually detest commercials, these are short and hilarious. There’s really not much more to say. Enjoy!

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[Reviewed by: Eric Raymer] 

"They want you to be their avatar... We all do." 

I knew nothing about this film before seeing it. It was a Tuesday, I was bored, and honestly, it was the best thing playing at the cheap theater that I hadn’t already seen. It was this or Marmaduke – can you blame me? As I said, all I knew about The Last Airbender aside from the fact that it was universally loathed by critics was that it was based on a cartoon and that it was “from the mind of” triple-threat writer/director/producer M. Night Shyamalan. Oh, and there was some martial arts and magic. Honestly, how bad could it be? (more…)