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[Written by: Kelly Alyse]

We welcome back our friend Kelly Alyse from The Film Obsession for some of her insight into why girls should give their boyfriend’s DVD collection a shot.

We all know it’s a typical trait of women to be immediately attracted to the “It’s Complicated”, “27 Dresses” type films, and to be fair I’m no stranger. “Twilight” is my guilty pleasure, and when I say guilty I don’t mean it at all because I adore the series. This is because the market these films are aimed at is women, because they’re more likely to fall for the characters and the storyline of a fantasy type romance that’s been done countless times. So much research has been done and has found that men spend more on DVDs, so maybe girls, you should have a look around your boyfriend’s movie collection as there are some gems to be found – they’re not all “Die Hard”, macho blood fests. (more…)


[Author: Alex Miller]

So your girlfriend has…well let’s just call it “girly”…taste in movies. Everytime you try to watch a good movie she gets bored. Everytime you watch one of her movies you want to kill yourself with a dull butter knife. WHAT TO DO?! Don’t worry! Dorkosphere has the hookup with a short look at 5 movies both of you should love! (We’ll save the scary date movies for another time) (more…)