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[Posted by: Eric Raymer]

One of the things that continually amazes me about zombie films is that whenever it seems they’ve been completely played out, an innovative director comes along and puts a new spin on the genre. Still, there’s lots of schlock out there, and most of the time I approach a new zombie film much like I would an actual zombie: cautiously. When news about a forthcoming Cuban zombie film called Juan de los Muertos (Juan of the Dead) broke in May, my skepticism-meter was reading pretty high. Fortunately, any doubts I had were erased when I saw the awesome teaser trailers for the film. I recently spoke with director Alejandro Brugués (who was kind enough to take a break from preparing to shoot the film to exchange some emails), and it’s clear that he’s a huge zombie fan who is really happy to be making this film. Keep reading for some exclusive information about the film as well as the teaser trailers. (more…)


[Posted by: Alex Miller]

Sometimes the marketing of a movie becomes just as iconic as the movie itself.  Fonts are a big part of the branding. Hell I could have posted my grocery list for the week in the above font, and besides thinking “Wow this dude is gonna have a heart attack in 5 years,” you would of course know that it was the Back to the Future font.  So after seeing this font posted by the BTTF Facebook page (yeah I really love that movie), I got to thinking what are the best movie fonts out there? Well don’t worry because I’ve done the legwork for you and included links to download them!  (WARNING: Do not use these fonts to type your master’s thesis with…I learned that lesson the hard way.)  (more…)


[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

“Darkman” is a very interesting film for a number of reasons. It’s basically a comic book superhero movie, but it’s not based on a comic book (the comics are based on this movie). It’s also essentially a classic horror film, but it’s not a horror movie. In addition, it borrows very heavily from “The Phantom of the Opera” but there is no singing (and there are no lame 15-yr old band nerd chicks overly-obsessing over it). It is all of these things and none of these things. It takes ideas that are completely unoriginal, sticks them in a blender, and spits out something totally original. Cult classics as a general rule, however, don’t need to be original or well-executed. They just need to be weird. They need to be so weird that most people just don’t get them. That’s what makes the people who DO get them, like them even more than they should.  This one is plenty weird enough to make the cut. If you know anything about cult films at all, then you know about Director Sam Raimi. He has made what most consider to be the epitome of the cult classic in his “Evil Dead” series of movies. He later went mainstream, making the “Spider Man” blockbuster series. Most recently, he has returned to his slapstick cult roots with the very entertaining “Drag Me To Hell”. Today’s film “Darkman” is a must-see for Raimi fans. So let’s take a closer look! (more…)


[Reviewed by: Eric Raymer]

"You've been living with these people all your life, and you didn't know anything about this?"

Despite the abundance of films out there in the world, there are still quite a few that for some reason or another just don’t exist on DVD. Maybe they’re too obscure, maybe they’ve just fallen out of print, or maybe they weren’t deemed commercially successful enough to warrant a re-release once the VHS format was phased out. Nothing ever really disappears on the internet though, and many of these “forgotten” films still float around as bootlegged copies or out-of-print DVDs. Some manage to maintain a small but dedicated following and some are still available outside the U.S.. What I aim to do is to bring a little more attention to some films that are overlooked simply due to their scarcity.

The first film I’ll take a look at is Brian Yuzna’s Society. Yuzna is well-known among the horror community for his role as director and producer of a number of influential horror films of the 80’s and 90’s. He was involved with the Re-animator series and some of the Return of the Living Dead sequels, both of which are known for their off-beat and often campy humor (occasionally known within the genre as “splatstick”). He often paired with Screaming Mad George – a special effects wizard who took creature effects to a new level and continually upped the ante on gore. Even the most ridiculous horror films sometimes have a tendency to be self-serious, but Yuzna never succumbed to this and always preferred to have fun with his films, despite treading into some very dark territory. (more…)