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[Posted by: Alex Miller]

If you’ve been reading this site for a while you know we are big fans of the Criterion Collection. We even do a special “Criterion Review” series here. Not only do they have great taste in selecting their films, but they also give them the treatment they deserve. Which is why it is so cool that they are now offering many great films/documentaries for free via Hulu! They are even offering 18 “Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman” films up. Quentin Tarantino makes tons of references to them in his films, so now you can actually watch them and know what the hell he is talking about. Documentaries that are offered include: “For All Mankind”, “Burden of Dreams”, “Grey Gardens”, and “The Beales of Grey Gardens”

Just go ahead and take my word for it those are some damn good films, and the price couldn’t be better. Click here and start watching!



[Written by: Kelly Alyse]

Today’s guest writer is our friend Kelly Alyse! A film student at the University of Sussex in England, she currently runs her own film site called The Film Obsession.

In 1984, something was created that from then on would cause an overwhelming feeling of excitement in each and every person when they went to see a Disney Pixar film. That something was “The Adventures of André and Wally B” – Pixar’s first short (well sort of). John Lasseter made groundbreaking work involving the short tale of the cute characters of André and Wally B, using incredibly emotion and charm from a computer at the time. From then on, Lasseter played a huge focus to Pixar’s success and with now around 20 shorts, each evolving into something greater, more entertaining and completely original each time, they’re a big part to our cinema-going experience every time we set out to see a new Pixar film. “Day and Night”, the latest of the little features has an immense amount of work gone into every detail making it possibly the most memorable and most appealing to audiences. Taking this out, I have explored the different shorts and come up with a top five which you must watch in order to gain the real satisfaction of the artwork these films use. (more…)


[Author: William Burchett]

"You keep saying to me: "You're going to die...". I'm not afraid of dying. You're the one who's afraid of death."

Before emigrating to Europe, Abdallah decides to visit his mother in Nouadhibou, a small village in Mauritania. Unable to speak the local language, Abdallah finds himself spending much of the day sitting in his mother’s house, staring out the window watching the world go by; Waiting for happiness rather than going and finding it. Just as Abdallah looks out this frame in the wall, so too do we look through the frame of the camera as it roams around the village looking at people going about their everyday lives, all waiting for happiness. (more…)