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[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

I finally got a chance to check out the new film Get Low starring Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, & Bill Murray. I went back and read my trailer review afterwards, and I think the trailer did give a really good idea of what to expect. However, this film did surprise me in a lot of ways and it is probably the best movie I’ve seen in theaters since Inception. Let’s take a look. (more…)


[Posted by: Martin Keller]

Profile: Sylvester Stallone has an impressive resume: he has acting credits in over fifty films and television shows, starring in and immortalizing two major movie franchises, Rocky and Rambo; he has over twenty writing credentials, having written the screenplay to the original Rocky (1976), he’s directed eight films and even has a few soundtrack credits from Rhinestone (1984) and Paradise Alley (1978) So, say what you will about the lack of substance in his work or strength of his acting, but Stallone is a man bent on success and has followed its trajectory all his career. When he first pitched the screenplay¬†for Rocky to producers, they loved it and thought it a vehicle for another, already established, major star. But Stallone envisioned himself as the lead and didn’t want it any other way. As they say, the rest is history. The film was critically and commercially successful, winning the Best Picture Oscar, inspiring generations to come and has even spawned a video game. (more…)


[Posted by: Alex Miller]

We’ve covered Bill Murray several times here bringing you his Top-5 Movies as well as a look at his new movie “Get Low“. Well today I stumbled upon a brand new rare interview he did with GQ Magazine. In it, Bill Murray spills his guts about why he did Garfield, what happened with Ghostbusters 3, and his opinion on Judd Apatow. Click the jump for some of the highlights! (more…)