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[Posted by: Alex Miller]

We’ve covered Bill Murray several times here bringing you his Top-5 Movies as well as a look at his new movie “Get Low“. Well today I stumbled upon a brand new rare interview he did with GQ Magazine. In it, Bill Murray spills his guts about why he did Garfield, what happened with Ghostbusters 3, and his opinion on Judd Apatow. Click the jump for some of the highlights! (more…)


[Author: Alex Miller]

What better way to start out my Top 5 actor/director’s movies segment then with my favorite actor, Bill Murray. I’m just starting this blog and with these lists inherently you will piss someone off. “Where the f*** is Caddyshack you idiot?” I can hear you saying already. Well I could only pick 5 and here they are! (more…)