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[Reviewed by: Danny Moltrasi]

“There’s thousands of them, and they’re pissed.”

Despite a plea from the cast and crew for Piranha 3D to be considered for Oscar nomination recently, I think it is fairly safe to say that Piranha 3D won’t be getting too close to any awards this season. In fact, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that Piranha 3D is not one of the best films out this year. A mixture of a weak storyline, bad acting, bad directing, poor use of 3D and weak attempts to push sex and blood into our faces rounds up everything about Piranha 3D. However, there is also some small amount of charm in there. Piranha 3D is exploitation cinema at its highest. It has the gore, it has a remake, it has a sequel, it has the sex, and it has the extra couple of dollars earned for it being in 3D. It knows that it’s never going to leave much of an impression on the audience, except a few cheap laughs. (more…)