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[Author: Danny Moltrasi]

Christopher Nolan, 2010 / “If I'm going to perform Inception, then we need imagination.”

Inception arrived today among a great deal of hype and expectation. Christopher Nolan is the, at least for the average-cinema fan, the biggest name in 2000s film. Hitting the scene with Memento, and then most recently with the rebooting of the Batman franchise, Nolan has done no wrong in his career so far. After pleasing critics, Batman fans and Warner Bros., Nolan decided to take on a more personal, low-budget film as a quick break between the second and third Batman movies. Well, he missed out on the low-budget aspect, but Inception is a Nolan movie, about making a Nolan movie, and it is about as epic as it can get. (more…)


[Author: Alex Miller]

"Make the Connection."

Strangely enough, I discovered this documentary while reading an interview on regarding the movie “Inception”. In the interview, Ellen Page brings up this documentary describing it as “one of the most important and disturbing films she had ever seen”. Well such wild claims must be investigated of course. I went to the film’s website and discovered they have put up the entire film for free: LINK. I figured I’d turn it on and see if it was any good, and I never stopped. Click the jump for the full review! (more…)