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[Reviewed by: Danny Moltrasi]

"I dont think you guys should break up."

The Kids Are All Right, is a film that may end up being looked back in history as a fairly important film. It looks all set to do well in the award season, with Oscar buzz being around it for most of the year now. It also gives us a film where the two parents happen to be lesbians, but the key point here is that, in fact, this is not the key part of the film. Our characters just happen to be lesbians. This is rather, a film about parental relationships being shaken up by the introduction of another man into their family, rather than a film about a lesbian couple. The Kids Are All Right is far from perfect, but it is a good, well rounded film, with a very good heart. It seems likely to take the Oscar Best Picture spot for the quirky, ‘independent film’ that has recently been given to the likes of Little Miss Sunshine, Juno and Precious. It is debatable if these films are better or worse than The Kids Are All Right, but I think it is safe to say that The Kids Are All Right will be remembered for a longer time. (more…)


[Posted by: Justin Wagner]

Our Toronto International Film Festival Preview series features the best films that will be shown at the prestigious film event to be held Sept 9-19th. Our first edition highlighted the Japanese film Norwegian Wood. Today Justin Wagner takes a look at the highly anticipated new Woody Allen film, “You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger”.

Four decades strong and 40 films deep, Woody Allen has one of the most immense and impressive filmographies of any director.  To add more to his résumé, Allen has the most screenwriting nominations at the Academy Awards (all of which are “Best Original Screenplay”), his screenplay for Hannah and Her Sisters was the first ever screenplay to be considered for a Pulitzer Prize nomination, and he is one of the three directors to ever receive the Palme des Palmes.  In recent years,though, Woody Allen has been making some of his least interesting work.  Known for taking the best bits from classic films, condensing them, and making them just as good, if not better, than what he is taking from, Woody has for the last ten years or so just been making rehashes of his old New York inspired films.  On Allen’s 41st film, he retreats back to his recent muse, Europe, but with a script that seems to be “classic” Woody Allen. (more…)