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[Reviewed by: Danny Moltrasi]

“If you believe in God, then you must believe in the Devil.

The Last Exorcism in many ways exceeded my expectations. It is simply too easy to dismiss this film after hearing the initial premise, but most of the time it works. It is scary a lot of the time, and often atmospheric. However, this went to waste with one of the worst, most rushed endings to a film I have ever seen. I’ve rarely come out of a cinema so frustrated. (more…)



[Reviewed by: Eric Raymer] 

"They want you to be their avatar... We all do." 

I knew nothing about this film before seeing it. It was a Tuesday, I was bored, and honestly, it was the best thing playing at the cheap theater that I hadn’t already seen. It was this or Marmaduke – can you blame me? As I said, all I knew about The Last Airbender aside from the fact that it was universally loathed by critics was that it was based on a cartoon and that it was “from the mind of” triple-threat writer/director/producer M. Night Shyamalan. Oh, and there was some martial arts and magic. Honestly, how bad could it be? (more…)


[Posted by: Martin Keller]

Profile:  As I sat down to write this article I realized I really like Bruce Willis.  I didn’t know why, but it deeply disturbed me.  Thus, deep soul searching was begun to uncover the core of this fondness for one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars.  The results of my search disturbed me more.  I perused his IMDB credits and mentally checked off what I’d seen.  I read a short bio on Wikipedia and watched some fan videos on YouTube.  I polled friends and realized that along with the rest of the country, and perhaps world, almost everyone I know likes Bruce Willis.  Even thinking back to the Willis movies I hated, Armageddon springs to mind immediately, I didn’t hate him, it was stupid Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler.  I realized that even after so much fluff I still liked him; he’s an actor that I am invariably attracted to, regardless of the quality of his work.  (more…)


Trailer Review:
[Author: Alex Miller]

We’ve got the brand new trailer for “Devil” today. This is the first of a supposed eventual trilogy in “The Night Chronicles” series. The official website refers to it as having “M. Night Shyamalan’s signature touch”. It can’t be that bad can it?! Click the jump for the complete first look! (more…)