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Trailer Review:
[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

If after watching the brand new trailer for Priest you think to yourself “That reminds me of Legion, that crappy movie about fighting angels.” there is a reason for that. It has the same Director, Scott Stewart, but this time instead of Angels Vs. Angels it’s Priests Vs. Vampire Satanists. If they had titled it “Priest With A Shotgun” I might have been more interested. Vampire movies have lost all their street cred at this point and one more is probably the last thing we need right now. It’s in 3D too, but at least this is the type of silly action movie that might benefit from it. What I liked about the trailer is also what bugged me the most. It steals from good movies. At the beginning I could have sworn I was watching a Blade Runner remake trailer with the way the dystopian city looked and the futuristic outdoor elevator. Later it felt like those crappy Star Wars prequels with the sci-fi bike in a desert and of course the Jedi hood. Then it mixed with The Matrix to do a slow motion bullet-time fight scene on top of a moving vehicle. Plus anytime an action movie starts talking about getting expelled from “THE Order” or “THE Council” (like there’s of course only one of those and we’re all supposed to know what it is) you know you’re in for a cliché tsunami. The movie is loosely based on a Korean graphic novel. When I say loosely I mean like Lindsey Lohan looks tight compared to this. Basically they’ve changed everything. So yeah, maybe we’ll get some cool effects and a mindless but entertaining 2hrs but I wouldn’t put any money on it. At least it’s not Twilight.