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[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

Perhaps one of the best examples of how bad the Academy is at picking the best film of the year, Mulholland Dr. was not even nominated for Best Picture in 2001. Instead they chose Ron Howard’s competent but all too formulaic and forgettable A Beautiful Mind that year. Although Director David Lynch (The Elephant Man, Dune, Lost Highway) did win Best Director at Cannes, it took time for some people to give the film the acclaim it truly deserves. It’s understandable in that if there was ever a film that DEMANDED repeat viewings it is this one. It is the first and only movie I have ever watched and then immediately rewinded and watched again (mind you it’s a 2.5hr long movie). I was interested but confused the first time, understandably so I think. The second time I wanted to go erect a statue in my yard in dedication to this cinematic achievement. If you missed out on this film when it came out, STOP READING as it is impossible to discuss this movie at any level of detail without completely ruining it for you. Go watch it, then read this, then go watch it again. (more…)



[Posted by: Alex Miller]

"Go and get a camera, point it and shoot."--Jamie Heinrich

When I created this site, one of my main goals was to create exposure for films/filmmakers, people might not have otherwise heard of.  When I watched the trailer for the new film “I Like You” I thought here is a good opportunity to do that.  Having made an independent short film myself, I know that just making a 5-minute film with no studio backing is a difficult undertaking.  These guys made a full-length feature film, without millions of dollars to spend, and the cinematography looks better than in plenty of studio films I’ve seen recently.  I decided to email Jamie Heinrich, the Director and Editor of the film, and ask him if he could answer a couple of questions for an exclusive interview and he agreed! We have the full interview, more screenshots, and a link to the trailer after the jump! (more…)