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[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

David Cronenberg, 1999
"You have to PLAY the game, to find out WHY you're playing the game. "

Since my first edition of “Cult Classics” was on David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome“, it only made sense to do the next one on its spiritual sequel. Videodrome dealt with television shows that can grow tumours in your mind so that others could control you. This movie deals with video games being infused with human organs to the point where no one knows what is real anymore. In both cases, the ideas are presented in a very abstract way. And by abstract I mean of course, cancer shooting guns that mutate out of your hand (Videodrome). As well as, teeth shooting guns made out of the bones of animals genetically engineered so that their body parts can be used as weapons (eXistenZ). Still with me? (more…)