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[Posted by: Eric Raymer]

October is probably my favorite month because it gives me an excuse to watch a lot of horror films to get in the mood for Halloween. (Not that I need that much of an excuse.) It also means there’s a slew of new horror films ready to be released in theaters. If you’re wondering which will be worth checking out this month and which will just be more of the same cheap scares, keep reading for a breakdown of all the horror coming your way in October. (more…)


[Reviewed by: Danny Moltrasi]

Stranger Than Fiction has a very interesting idea at the heart of it. What if you suddenly noticed that inside your head, your life was being narrated? And even worse, what if the narrator warned of your “imminent death”? It is a really good idea, but sadly, Stranger Than Fiction doesn’t follow through with an interesting opening, and slips into a rather average movie, when it could have been so much more. (more…)