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[Posted by: Alex Miller]

Sometimes the marketing of a movie becomes just as iconic as the movie itself.  Fonts are a big part of the branding. Hell I could have posted my grocery list for the week in the above font, and besides thinking “Wow this dude is gonna have a heart attack in 5 years,” you would of course know that it was the Back to the Future font.  So after seeing this font posted by the BTTF Facebook page (yeah I really love that movie), I got to thinking what are the best movie fonts out there? Well don’t worry because I’ve done the legwork for you and included links to download them!  (WARNING: Do not use these fonts to type your master’s thesis with…I learned that lesson the hard way.)  (more…)


[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

"I have seen one or two things in my life but never, never anything like this."

Let me just start by saying, like anyone with an IQ above 12, I am a HUGE Stanley Kubrick fan. It is for that reason I have waited so long to watch his final film “Eyes Wide Shut”. The reviews at the time of its release were not that impressive (not bad, just not impressive). Reviews have steadily raised throughout the years, possibly due to repeat viewings changing critic’s minds. However, it is still considered by most to be the “least good” Kubrick film. That is why I haven’t watched it until now. I didn’t want to tarnish my memory of Kubrick by watching something that wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Perhaps it is indeed my lowered expectations that allowed me to be completely and totally blown away by this film. Let’s take a look. (more…)