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[Reviewed by: Roxanna Kennedy]

For this look back at the epic trilogy that changed the movie landscape forever, we welcome new contributor Roxanna Kennedy!

I first saw LOTR in the cinema on my 12th birthday, having only read The Hobbit in previous years. When I entered the cinema I know nothing of the story or what was going to happen in the film. I left, three hours later, fired up, passionate and so excited for the next two films. I insisted that my parents take me again only a couple of days later. I knew from then on that I couldn’t rest until I found out the rest of the story. I vividly remember buying my copy of the books in a quaint little bookshop for £7.50 which, by the way, was a bargain. In the year I spent waiting for the 2nd film I read all three of the big books at least twice, which I think for a twelve-year-old is quite an achievement.

The next two films did not disappoint and surpassed all of my expectations – I thought myself very critical – wanted to see justice done to my new-found (and eternal) love. (more…)


[Author: Alex Miller]

So as all of you probably know, Peter Jackson is currently in talks to direct the 2 Hobbit movies. Here are my 5 reasons why he should be the guy. (more…)