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[Posted by: Danny Moltrasi]

“I need help!”

It is a simple idea, a man buried alive in a coffin, with no idea how, or why, he is in there. Director Rodrigo Cortés gives himself the restraint of not leaving the box, and just giving Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) a mobile phone to connect to the outside world. Buried gives you the feeling of being stuck inside there with him, as Cortés maintains the feeling of claustrophobia, hopelessness and frustration. (more…)


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Trailer Review:
[Reviewed by: Sydney Freeman]

This movie trailer is great. The film follows Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) who is buried alive. He only has his cell phone and a zippo lighter on him. So essentially the entire 90 minutes of the movie take place in the coffin. One would think that this would be difficult to show in a one minute trailer but it manages to do so and be satisfying at the same time. Although I’m a huge fan of minimalist films, I was initially skeptical on this film but this trailer has changed my mind. The acting and the music help build tension (something I’m sure the film will excel at) and it gives a small glimpse of what the film will offer. I’m also digging the Hitchcock styled art that’s used for the transitions which cleverly disguises the lack of different scenery in the movie, which may or may not be a bad thing for certain people. I’m really excited to see a movie like this being made amidst all the 3D remakes and sequels that we’re being bombarded with.