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[Posted by: Alex Miller]

If you don’t know what Rifftrax is, it’s basically a bunch of the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 who make riffs that you can download and play on top of movies. It’s like listening to an audio commentary that makes fun of the movie you are watching and it’s hilarious. It works best when the movie you are watching is really bad (Case in point watch a sample of them riffing Twilight: New Moon). That “really bad” title definitely applies to Reefer Madness which they will be riffing live and broadcasting it to movie theaters around the country Thursday, August 19 at 8:00pmET / 7:00pmCT / 6:00pmMT and 8:00pmPT (tape delay). It will also be re-aired by recording on Tuesday, August 24th. To check if it’s playing at a theater near you go here.


Trailer Review:
[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

Sharktopus is a new film directed by Martin Scorcese featuring 3-time Academy Award Winning….wait WRONG MOVIE! Sharktopus is a new piece of shit directed by who cares to be featured on my spelling check’s least favorite channel, The SyFy Channel. I can’t wait! This is obviously an homage to the classic B-Movies I grew up watching on Mystery Science Theater 3000. This has got the “So Bad it’s Good” stink all over it. I mean check it out! The “Sharktopus” gets out and starts walking around on land. Nevermind the ridiculousness of mixing a shark with an octopus. Even if you could do it, why would it then be able to breath air and walk on land? That’s like mixing an elephant with a donkey only to find out it’s got a pretty good backstroke. IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!! That’s exactly why this is going to be awesome. Here’s hoping Rifftrax makes a commentary for it, just to make it all the more perfect.

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