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Trailer Review: 
[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

The first trailer for the relatively low-budget Sci-Fi flick “Skyline” was released today.  Not much is known about it, and this trailer doesn’t really show us anymore than we already knew.  It’s about an alien invasion just like “War of the Worlds”, “V”, “Independence Day” etc etc.  What makes this different? Well it follows the survivors after the alien invasion…well wait no that’s not different.  It DOES feature large spaceships hovering over important parts of the globe…wait that’s the same.  It uses television news stories to make it seem more real….actually that’s the same too.  The answer is, there’s nothing new about this.  It seems to have computer-generated people which isn’t really original either.  How good this trailer is, really depends on your imagination.  Since they don’t show you anything at all,  I feel like they have something to hide.  If it really is about a bunch of people having a party who survive an alien attack, which is what IMDB says, this could be really lame.  I like the name, I like Sci-Fi movies, but I don’t like un-original garbage.  I mean the effects don’t even look that great and that’s all they show us!.  The directors are the brothers behind “Alien vs Predator: Requiem” so that’s another strike against it. I like the Sci-Fi genre enough to give it a shot though, but I’m not expecting much.  We’ll keep you updated and hopefully the next trailer they release is a lot better.