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[Posted by: Alex Miller]

If you’ve been following our site at all, you know that I am a huge fan of Director Duncan Jones and his first film “Moon”.  I first wrote about him in my piece Directors You Should Know About: Duncan Jones. Then he was nice enough to write us A Private Twitter Message. Well now the blog Man Made Movies, which is essentially a Duncan Jones-only blog, has an exclusive interview with him, in which he says:

“Well, I think it is safe to say that the film (Source Code) will be out early next year. My edit is complete, and we are working hard on visual effects, choosing a composer and trying the film out on a few people just to see how it goes over. Lots to do really, but everything is coming together, and I am in the capable hands of Paul “Mount Rushmore” Hirsch!”

“I would have loved to do the Judge Dredd movie that is underway. I was in fact sent the script to look at. Its a great script, and I hope I will not rue the decision of passing on it. Thing was, I had such a strong idea of what I wanted to do with a Dredd movie, I could not bring myself to take it on and not do it my way! … and its not like I could do it as a sequel either; my Dredd would have been really weird, and dark and funny, but not your traditional introduction to a hero character. I dont even know if I could have made my version of the film pitch-able. It was maybe too off the wall.”

Head over to Man Made Movies for the full interview!
Found via: /Film