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Terrence Malick’s new film, The Tree of Life, has had rumours about its release date going around for months on end. It was due at Cannes…then at Venice or Toronto. None of these rumours came to be. More recently there was hope that it could be sneaked out in time for award season, however, this seems fairly unlikely now, even though distributer Fox Searchlight today announced that they have picked up the rights for the movie. Instead, it seems that The Tree of Life will not be out until late 2011, if, as expected, they are hoping it will bring in some Oscars when it is finally released.

This all comes just days after early viewings of the film compared it to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and its grand scale, with a rumoured three-hour cut doing the rounds, suggests that it is pretty much all complete anyway. This however, does mean that it could even get a showing at next year’s Cannes Film Festival, in the hope of a slow build up to award season, rather than the late 2011 release. This would seem to make sense, seeing how his previous work, The New World, was ignored by the Academy last time, and they may rather hope for a slow build up.

The Tree of Life, starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain, is a story described as a 1950s period piece, which also has been described as being completely fresh, as well as including scenes of prehistoric Earth. This although has also been claimed as being part of a companion piece filmed for a separate IMAX specific project. It seems now, that all that can be done is to wait and see.



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This either makes the scene absolutely hilarious, or even MORE scary. I’m not sure which.

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“Gentlemen may talk of the age of chivalry, but remember the ploughmen, poachers and pickpockets whom they lead. It is with these sad instruments that your great warriors and kings have been doing their murderous work in the world.”

Barry Lyndon was the 10th feature-length film of Stanley Kubrick, released in 1975 and the most immediately successful film of his in the awards world. It could have been just a simple tale of the rise and fall of a young Irish man who becomes part of the English nobility, and falls out of it. But, in the hands of cinema legend Kubrick, it is otherworldly. It gives us mixes of emotion, some of the best cinematography you’ll ever see, and a story so detailed and interesting, that even at three hours long, it’ll speed past you. (more…)


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"I have seen one or two things in my life but never, never anything like this."

Let me just start by saying, like anyone with an IQ above 12, I am a HUGE Stanley Kubrick fan. It is for that reason I have waited so long to watch his final film “Eyes Wide Shut”. The reviews at the time of its release were not that impressive (not bad, just not impressive). Reviews have steadily raised throughout the years, possibly due to repeat viewings changing critic’s minds. However, it is still considered by most to be the “least good” Kubrick film. That is why I haven’t watched it until now. I didn’t want to tarnish my memory of Kubrick by watching something that wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Perhaps it is indeed my lowered expectations that allowed me to be completely and totally blown away by this film. Let’s take a look. (more…)


Duncan Jones

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You may or may not have heard of Duncan Jones yet, but soon everyone will know his name. He is one of the hottest new writer/directors around because of his film “Moon”. (more…)