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[Reviewed by: Eric Raymer]

"Only an idiot would do this job."

This past weekend The Expendables took number one at the box office, blowing both Michael Cera and Julia Roberts’ puny films away in a blast of pure testosterone. It seems like this was the summer action movie that audiences had been waiting for, especially after the somewhat lackluster A-Team reimagining and a slew of other half-hearted remakes and sequels. So is it worth it? Will it satisfy your craving for blood, sweat, and explosions? (more…)



[Reviewed by: Martin Keller]

"I'm having a hard time describing what I'm seeing right now."

With this look at the new Steve Carell comedy that is making big bucks at the box office, we welcome brand new contributor Martin Keller!

Quirky is funny. Perhaps that’s the message of the film. Or maybe: It’s funny because it’s different. Aside from the best (and only) stuffed mouse dioramas I’ve ever seen (such as the Mousa Lisa), some funny one-liners from Steve Carell, and some quick banter between Carell, Paul Rudd, and Zach Galifianakis, this film subsists on weirdness for laughs. Rudd plays a financial analyst climbing the ladder to the proverbial and literal seventh floor of executives, in hopes that his girlfriend will accept his proposal of marriage. Rudd positions himself to reach the next floor with an exceptional pitch to the boss, but must first pass one test. His boss hosts a monthly ‘dinner for exceptional people,’ in which each guest must bring an eccentric moron to be mocked. The most ‘exceptional’ by the end of the night wins. Enter Paul Rudd’s ambition, his girlfriend’s disapproval, and Carell – the schmuck. (more…)