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[Reviewed by: Danny Moltrasi]

ā€œIā€™m a lot stronger than you think.ā€

Let Me In, was seen as the perfect example of a remake of a non-English speaking film that was utterly, utterly pointless. And to tell the truth, in many ways that point is still completely right. However, Let Me In and its director Matt Reeves have a film that balances keeping enough of the original theme and tones, while also going a small way to legitimize the film as a stand-alone piece of cinema. It is far from perfectly, and in my opinion not as good as the Swedish original, however it is still, in its own way, a good film, and a good piece of horror. (more…)


[Posted by: Eric Raymer]

Matt Reeves’ vampire coming-of-age film Let Me In hits theaters October 1st – which means it’ll come out just a little shy of two years after the original Swedish version (Let the Right One In). There’s been somewhat of a backlash from fans of the original since the remake was announced, and accusations of the new film being dumbed-down for a U.S. audience are flying left and right. Reeves has defended his work, saying that the original itself was a remake of a novel, and that his film is just a “variation on a theme.” The marketing for the new film has done a pretty good job of distinguishing it from the Swedish film, but at the end of the day, it’s the same story. It’s not uncommon for major studios to “Americanize” foreign films by remaking them with well-known actors and without subtitles. Sometimes a larger budget can bring a little more flash to source material that couldn’t quite pull it off. Other times… Well, it’s usually best to try and forget about those. Some of the worst remakes occur when a director tries to remake something (foreign or otherwise) that succeeded in the first place. Regardless of Let Me In‘s eventual fate, it’s probably not going to be as bad as the following cinematic catastrophes. (more…)