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[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

"I have seen one or two things in my life but never, never anything like this."

Let me just start by saying, like anyone with an IQ above 12, I am a HUGE Stanley Kubrick fan. It is for that reason I have waited so long to watch his final film “Eyes Wide Shut”. The reviews at the time of its release were not that impressive (not bad, just not impressive). Reviews have steadily raised throughout the years, possibly due to repeat viewings changing critic’s minds. However, it is still considered by most to be the “least good” Kubrick film. That is why I haven’t watched it until now. I didn’t want to tarnish my memory of Kubrick by watching something that wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Perhaps it is indeed my lowered expectations that allowed me to be completely and totally blown away by this film. Let’s take a look. (more…)


[Author: Danny Moltrasi]

Lee Unkrich, 2010 / “You got a friend in me.”

Toy Story 3 is the latest film to be produced by the masters at Pixar Studios, and although Toy Story 3 s not up to the standards of their previous works such as Up and Wall:E, it still maintains the high standards that has come to be expected for them. It is funny, sad, and an amazing effort that deals with mature themes while keeping them extremely family friendly. To start with, the short film, Day and Night, is a cute adventure that tells of two animated drawings that reasonable ghost-like characters on a black background, with one showing day-time images in its profile, and the other showing night. They go around showing the contrasting images, and the everyday sounds of each setting providing a humours soundtrack (for example, in Las Vegas). This simple use of sound and basic image gives these two simple images personality, and is in my opinion the best of Pixars short films. (more…)