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[Reviewed by: Danny Moltrasi]

“Every single one of us, is entitled to the same pay as men.”

Made in Dagenham tells the story of how a group of small female workers in a Ford Dagenham assembly plant decided to stand up and change the world. Directed by the man behind Calendar Girls, Nigel Cole, we are presented with an uplifting story about the ability to change things through having strong morals and persistence. A fairly light-hearted film that never really gets out of its comfort zone, however Made in Dagenham is still a thoroughly enjoyable, and educational film on a landmark moment in British political history. (more…)



[Posted by: Eric Raymer]

"Stupidity has a habit of getting its way."

Like thinking about what you’d do if you were the last person on earth? You’re in luck: post-apocalyptic films are back in vogue again! Whether you prefer yours primarily action oriented with some monsters scattered around (as in The Resident Evil films or 28 Days Later), or slightly more serious (such as Carriers or Right At Your Door), there’s a plethora of new films for you to choose from. However, some of the old classics are still worth checking out, particularly The Day After, which was filmed during the eighties when fears about a nuclear confrontation were peaking once again. (more…)