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[Posted by: Danny Moltrasi]

Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, has won the Golden Lion for best film at the Venice Film Festival. The film starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning tells the story of a Hollywood bad-boy who gets a visit from his 11-year-old daughter. The film beat out films by Darren Aronofksy-Black Swan, Vincent Gallo-Promises on the Water, as well as entries from Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski-Essential Killing, and the Japanese film by Tran Anh Hung with Norwegian Wood. The Silver Lion went to The Last Circus, by Alex da la Inglesia, who also picked up best director. The jury, headed by Quentin Tarantino gave the best actress award to Arine Labed in Attenberg, as well as best actor to Vincent Gallo in Essential Killing.

Sofia Coppola, whose previous film, Marie Antoinette, was booed off at Cannes in 2006, thanked her dad, Francis Ford Coppola, in her acceptance speech. Quentin Tarantino said that Somewhere “enchanted us from its first screening,” as it was unanimously chosen for the top award. Somewhere had been expected to compete for the main award from the outset, however it was expected that if there was to be an American winner, it was more likely to come from Aronofsky and his thriller, Black Swan.


[Author: Danny Moltrasi]

It currently seems that if the name of Apatow is attached to a project, it will be a success. It does not matter if you are a massive cinema fan and know him or not, his name, equals financial, and usually critical success. After an early dip into the waters of cinema during the mid-90s, most noticeably with The Cable Guy starring Jim Carrey, Apatow returned to television to hone down his skills. He hit the big time with Freaks and Geeks and followed it up with Undeclared. Both, as seems the way with television, were profoundly well received with critics, largely ignored by audiences, and was cancelled after a season. This lead to a return to the world of cinema in 2004, but this time he would be a lot more successful. (more…)