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[Posted by: Martin Keller]

Profile: Since the late 90’s, action movies have been trending more towards CGI laden spectacles. Granted, all movies at this point are subject to some amount of CGI, even on the smallest scale, but the day of the muscle bound action star has waned. Instead we are inundated with superhero movies and epic fantasies. (Read: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, 300, Avatar…) The days of the tough guy, in a tough spot, using pure brute force, are seemingly gone. There have been some blips on the radar: the Bourne series, the most recent Rambo, Casino Royale (which could be argued down), and most everything that Jason Statham has put out. Statham hearkens back to the days of testosterone fueled ass-kicking, perhaps that’s why he’s so popular, and perhaps that’s why he fits in Stallone’s recent parade of action stars, The Expendables (2010). He is carrying on the tradition pioneered by the likes of Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Stallone. (more…)


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Trailer Review: 
[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

The first trailer for the relatively low-budget Sci-Fi flick “Skyline” was released today.  Not much is known about it, and this trailer doesn’t really show us anymore than we already knew.  It’s about an alien invasion just like “War of the Worlds”, “V”, “Independence Day” etc etc.  What makes this different? Well it follows the survivors after the alien invasion…well wait no that’s not different.  It DOES feature large spaceships hovering over important parts of the globe…wait that’s the same.  It uses television news stories to make it seem more real….actually that’s the same too.  The answer is, there’s nothing new about this.  It seems to have computer-generated people which isn’t really original either.  How good this trailer is, really depends on your imagination.  Since they don’t show you anything at all,  I feel like they have something to hide.  If it really is about a bunch of people having a party who survive an alien attack, which is what IMDB says, this could be really lame.  I like the name, I like Sci-Fi movies, but I don’t like un-original garbage.  I mean the effects don’t even look that great and that’s all they show us!.  The directors are the brothers behind “Alien vs Predator: Requiem” so that’s another strike against it. I like the Sci-Fi genre enough to give it a shot though, but I’m not expecting much.  We’ll keep you updated and hopefully the next trailer they release is a lot better.


[Posted by: Eric Raymer]

"Stupidity has a habit of getting its way."

Like thinking about what you’d do if you were the last person on earth? You’re in luck: post-apocalyptic films are back in vogue again! Whether you prefer yours primarily action oriented with some monsters scattered around (as in The Resident Evil films or 28 Days Later), or slightly more serious (such as Carriers or Right At Your Door), there’s a plethora of new films for you to choose from. However, some of the old classics are still worth checking out, particularly The Day After, which was filmed during the eighties when fears about a nuclear confrontation were peaking once again. (more…)


Reviewed by: Alex Miller

Kon Ichikawa, 1959 / "Kill yourself only if you have to."

Although this is technically the 2nd Criterion Collection film we have reviewed (after Videodrome), this is the first in our “Criterion Review” series. If you don’t know what the Criterion Collection is, it’s basically a company the strives to release important classic and contemporary films while giving them the highest possible treatment. Crtierion DVDs/Blurays are known for their high quality video transfers, outstanding cover art, and exclusive bonus features. Here is a complete List of the Collection. Now without further adue let’s take a look at today’s film “Fires on the Plain”!

Some people go to the movies for pure entertainment. Others go because they view film as a form of artwork that can be both deep and moving. I think film can be either one or both. This film, while entertaining to me, is dark and depressing. It is definitly art, however. This is a WWII movie from the Japanese perspective, released in 1959. It follows starving Japanese soldiers in the closing days of WWII when the only thing more scarce than food is hope. While it doesn’t try to make any political statements regarding that particular war, it is definitly an anti-war in general film. In the included interview, Director Kon Ichikawa states that he wanted to show the horrors of war at every possible opportunity. He himself was from Hiroshima, but he was away when the atomic bomb hit. He came back to see the utter destruction which he says, “no words can describe”, believing his family had been completely wiped out. Luckily he later found out that at least some of his family had managed to survive, but I think he channels this moment of total despair into the movie. (more…)