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[Posted by: Martin Keller]

I’ve been contributing to Dorkosphere since the summer, first doing a review and a news piece, but then wanting to do a column. Something I could come back to every week with a specific focus and something that would give me a deadline. This worked for over a month, and now I return without a new entry for the Action Stars column in over three weeks. I have offered assurances to the site editor that I would have something shortly, but my ability to write anything has been severely hindered. It’s not real life that has hindered me, you know, work and a girlfriend and obligations and things unforeseen. Nor have my hands been broken, nor my brain extracted. I have certainly been within reach of computers: I work at a library! No my inability to produce work, to be reliable, to put even the smallest effort into being creative has been usurped by one thing and one thing alone: The Wire. (more…)


[Posted by: Alex Miller]

It is a sad day for British Cinema and film-lovers everywhere as news arrives that because of budget constraints, the UK Film Council will be axed. Whether it is the right/wrong thing to do politically I’ll leave to you. However, in the last ten years the UK Film Council has helped fund over 900 films, including “The Wind that Shakes the Barley”, “Man on Wire”, and “In the Loop”. In addition, they’ve provided funding for 240 digital movie screens across the UK, as well as multiple projects aimed at teaching children the basics of filmmaking. Here is hoping that the UK Film Council gets reborn into a sort of non-profit organization, but who knows. We may never quite know the amount of loss in terms of film as a result of this. We will never know what films “would have been” that will now not get the funding to be made.

Source/Read more here: BBC News


[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

James Marsh, 2008 / "Life should be lived on the edge."

I had the chance to watch an amazing piece of film today. “Man on Wire” is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and inspiring documentary I have ever seen. In it Phillippe Petit, a Frenchman, does something truly American. He sets his sights on an impossible goal and doesn’t let anything stop him. It is amazing the amount of obstacles this man had to overcome to achieve a goal, which many may not even understand. Why would you want to go through all that trouble just to walk across a rope between two buildings? Why would you when, you may die trying to get across, if you do cross you’ll get arrested, and that’s all if you can even pull the whole thing off in the first place! That’s what I thought before I watched this film. But between those towers, doing “the impossible”, Phillippe taught us all a lesson. Sometimes, “why” just plain doesn’t matter. (more…)