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[Posted by: Mary Trishman]

Brand new contributor Mary Trishman takes a close look at the career evolution of Inception’s Leonardo DiCaprio.

I hated Leonardo DiCaprio when I was little. That was abnormal for a young girl at the time, which is precisely why I decided to hate him. I would draw deformities on his face in my sister’s Teen Beat magazines and make fun of Titanic, which was my sister’s favorite movie and therefore my least favorite. At the age of 12, I saw Titanic in the sticky-floored and now non-existent Hazleton Cinema with my mom and my aunt. To me, the movie was entirely too long and excessively depressing. I still maintain that perception. It made me cry, and my legs fell asleep about halfway through. And it seemed like every single female between the ages of seven and forty were in love with Leo DiCaprio. I, therefore, decided I hated him. (more…)


[Posted by: Martin Keller]

Just a heads up to readers in the NYC metropolitan area: there are multiple festivals showing at Symphony Space on the upper west side.  For those unfamiliar with Symphony Space, it hosts artistic events in the music, literature, dance, theater and film fields.  Their programs cater to all kinds of people, be you high art connoisseur or layman there is something for you.  Also they run programs designed for the whole family including flicks that are youth appropriate, kid-oriented bands and conversations with authors of children’s literature.  I highly recommend this place to everyone. (more…)