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[Posted by: Justin Wagner]

Making a film on your own – without the big studios backing you – can become a very expensive process. Thanks to sites like many up-and-coming filmmakers can get their projects made with a little help from me and you and everyone we know. The film that needs us right now is The Secret Beneath Janus Lake. It is directed, written, and produced by Nikhil Khosla, Greg Lazcano, and Jonathan Schillingford, and will be presented in three very different acts with the three directors taking on a different act each. (more…)


[Posted by: Alex Miller]

"Go and get a camera, point it and shoot."--Jamie Heinrich

When I created this site, one of my main goals was to create exposure for films/filmmakers, people might not have otherwise heard of.  When I watched the trailer for the new film “I Like You” I thought here is a good opportunity to do that.  Having made an independent short film myself, I know that just making a 5-minute film with no studio backing is a difficult undertaking.  These guys made a full-length feature film, without millions of dollars to spend, and the cinematography looks better than in plenty of studio films I’ve seen recently.  I decided to email Jamie Heinrich, the Director and Editor of the film, and ask him if he could answer a couple of questions for an exclusive interview and he agreed! We have the full interview, more screenshots, and a link to the trailer after the jump! (more…)


[Reviewed by: Alex Miller]

James Marsh, 2008 / "Life should be lived on the edge."

I had the chance to watch an amazing piece of film today. “Man on Wire” is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and inspiring documentary I have ever seen. In it Phillippe Petit, a Frenchman, does something truly American. He sets his sights on an impossible goal and doesn’t let anything stop him. It is amazing the amount of obstacles this man had to overcome to achieve a goal, which many may not even understand. Why would you want to go through all that trouble just to walk across a rope between two buildings? Why would you when, you may die trying to get across, if you do cross you’ll get arrested, and that’s all if you can even pull the whole thing off in the first place! That’s what I thought before I watched this film. But between those towers, doing “the impossible”, Phillippe taught us all a lesson. Sometimes, “why” just plain doesn’t matter. (more…)